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Fine Art Gallery
The Tribes of the Omo Valley Ethiopia portfolioPortraits of a selection of people from the different tribes of the Omo Valley and documentary coverage of the bull jumping ceremony of the Hammer tribe. View into a Masaai Community portfolioI spent a wonderful week with a Masaai family /communitity in Northern Tanzania, capturing day to day activities and having fun with portraiture. Shooting through the shadows portfolioA collection of black and white prints shot in Hanoi Vietnam
Travel & Culture portfolioStreet Photography and travel images from around the world. China Street Photography portfolioDocumentary photographs shot on the streets of China Texture & Patterns portfolioClose up capture of textures that tell the age of brick, stone and wood in European villages and towns
Landscapes portfolioA selection of Landscape photography Architecture portfolioArchitectural and design images from around the world Zanzibar portfolioA collection of portraits of my Masaai Muse taken in various locations around East Africa
Chinese Laundry portfolioI headed away from the Bright lights of the big cities and took a walk through the back alleys of China. Clothing gave life to these dark dingy walks, hanging, flowing and drapped everywhere Love Shack portfolioAiming to capturing the spirit and beauty of Bangkok's lively waterways Mops, Brooms, Hutongs & Longtongs portfolioI became fascinated by the fact, that in China there IS as many mops and broom hanging around outside as there is people.
The Wall portfolioThe Great Wall of China Stonetown  Zanzibar portfolioStonetown Zanzibar Memories of Vegas portfolioPainting with light - Dragging and zoom techniques used to create abstract images
Pom Pom Pom portfolioA series of studies of the Pomegrante. Produced as a private commission for a clients interior design project.